Unemployed Youth Africa Inc.

The African youth has been acquiring knowledge and skill from higher education institutes in Africa but they are not able to turn it into meaningful employment.

Their education must be positively channeled in order to earn their livelihood and form a meaningful life. But unfortunately, they roam on the streets struggling to find a job. Some part of the youth involve in criminal activities which causes a security threat for other citizens. This African youth at a point would set for greener pasture in a distant land.

In recent times, as we all recall, there has been a huge African migration plaguing Europe and the rest of the world. Many deaths have happened in the high seas as a result of these movements while the sailing boats they travel in capsize. These happenings were among the strongest reasons that contributed to the formation of the Unemployed Youth Africa. This organization would attempt to fill in a bit of the void that has been created for these desperate young people. UYA was formed to become an integral part of the world community that would create an economic sustainability by empowering the youths.

The Unemployed Youth Africa Inc. was established in July 2013 as non-profit organization with a core mission of commitment towards the youth empowerment in order to achieve sustainable employment by applying their acquired skills in vocational education. Youths grow and build self-confidence through our provision of skills career awareness seminars. To ensure the success of our projects, we work with partners doing works in Africa and in Canada.

We would ever remain grateful and appreciative to our ongoing sponsors, who believe in our cause and in what we do. To you all we say a big Thank You. Please to meet our objectives we humbly ask for your financial support as you come along side us in this journey of creating change in the lives of young people worldwide.