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    We are Passionate to help the less privileged people in Africa.
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    We are an NGO helping the youth to positively channel their potential in order to earn their livelihood and form a meaningful life.

Call us today at +1.204.5997115 or Email us at info@unemployedyouthafrica.com

Established in July 2013 with a focus towards empowering African Youth towards creating a sustainable self-employment.

Donate New or Used Computers, Laptops & Printers.

Unemployed Youth Africa Inc. is requesting for donation of used computers, laptops and printers. All equipment donated are solely for the use of students towards learning towards job and academic learning and also to support computer literacy program in the rural areas of Africa. UYA Inc. is a youth organization working in Africa. UYA Inc. is a registered non-profit organization working with youths and Youth serving institutions and groups in rural cities of Africa to encourage Education, Skills, learning and promote self-employment through skills acquisition, Apprenticeships and on the job learning. The goal is to reduce youth unemployment. UYA empowers young people to seek out skills that will lead to employment and reduce dependency.

UYA Inc. is working on a new initiative focusing on providing computer skills that will further enrich and support knowledge and skill building. Helping youth reach a wider network. The computer donation drive is intended to be used as a drop-in computer centers accessible to youth looking for jobs.-Ben Okwudili Please Contact Us to Donate


We host annual events to say thanks to our kind sponsors and people who help us in our journey to decrease un-employment in africa. These events also help us to aknowledge our achievements. We also go through our challenges and figure out ideas to overcome them. Our 2018 Annual Dinner event will be held in October.

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